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- FNG NATION: Nvus Roleplay Server Announcement -
Last updated: 16/05/2018
SERVER NAME: ♣ [FNG] Nvus Roleplay ♣ Instant DL ♣ Custom ♣ NEW! ♣

GAMEMODE: Modified DarkRP
MAP NAME: rp_downtown_v4_exl
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You can read the original concept document by clicking here

FNG Nation

Welcome to the official announcement for our brand new Garry's Mod server. FNG Nation has a huge history and is looking to continue the legacy that never2nv has dedicated the best part of ten years developing! Since the rebranding, we have created a brand new website and are starting to looking for ways to bring in new users to help expand our gaming network. This GMOD server will be the first official server that we have released. It's going to be an amazing user experience. We have spent a lot of resources creating an epic original DARKRP server for our users to enjoy.

Custom Content

We are hosting a vast range of custom content to help make our server a more competitive, unique experience. We are always looking to add new add-ons to the server. Please submit your suggestions here. We are currently looking to hire developers to expand our already excellent team of dedicated Lua scripters.

What's Different?

We have a variety of unique feature that allows us to be separated from the rest of the DarkRP server list.

The boring stuff:
  • Dedicated Administration & Development team
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Limited 32 Slots with VIP's priority (We will not make the server any bigger than 32 as we feel that could ruin the experience. (Unless we got a bigger map)
  • Dedicated community website, donation feature and custom loading screen.
The content:

Some of the unique content that can be found in our server is:
  • Original DarkRP modification concept
  • Anti-Cheat software
  • CCTV System
  • Wandering Civilians that can detect crime and call the police / run away
  • Advanced police equipment (Removed batons, introduced radio, tazer and handcuffs
  • Bank Heists
  • Removed F4 to add employer NPC's
  • Enhanced death system
  • Enhanced Government system that allows for taxation
  • FA:S Weapons
  • Inventory System that saves items on log off.
  • NPC Shops that sell set items.
  • Ingame Download to allow for an instant download of content so you can play the server within seconds!
  • Gang system that allows players to capture turfs, create gangs and declare war/alliances on other gangs.
  • Grappling Hooks!
  • User report system
  • User reward and achievements system
  • Day/night and weather system
  • Advanced money printing system
  • Realistic elections
And so much, much more...

Custom Roles

We have completely removed the F4 menu from Nvus Roleplay. We now have NPC's around the map where you can go to find a job or buy weapons and items. We've decided to split the server into two paths. One is for law enforcement and the other is a citizen. The citizen will take on multiple roles in no specific way that role should be played. For example, if the player decides they want to become a gangster, they can either create their own gang through the machine on Lewis St. Or they can find a gang to join on the server. If a user wishes to play as a hitman, they can freely purchase the equipment necessary from the black market dealer and set up a shop wherever. Having these two paths allow for much more freedom in the player's experience.

Realistic Economy

We have a team constantly working to ensure that the server economy doesn't become at all unbalanced. This ensures that all users have a chance to gain capital whatever role they choose. Most illegal roles will bring in a bigger cash flow to keep the system realistic however that does not mean business owners won't be making fat stacks. We want to keep a capitalistic feel by allowing users to use their own skills to create their individual cash flow. We have created a world that the user will have to adapt to, to survive financially.

Advanced Policing

We promote a very intelligent police force. This is to allow players to develop the sense of insecurity when performing an illegal action. For example, when a gangster begins printing money they will have to automatically be very careful and always overlooking their own shoulder because the police will gather intel on potential suspects of illegal activities. With weapons hard to come by, we expect the criminals to fear the police and in turn, theoretically force them to be smarter criminals to avoid detection. This also adds the aspect of life-valuation. The player will inadvertently develop a sense of awareness to ensure they do not lose their own life due to the hazardous environment and rough criminals.

We have set up a CCTV Operator role which will allow the post to sit in a room filled with state of the art technology. The CCTV system covers the whole map. If the CCTV Operator spots something illegal, they can radio it into the officers on patrol to check it out.

We have also removed the arrest/unarrest batons and have introduced the tazer and handcuffs. The police will be required to walk the criminals back to the police department before standing in court awaiting their sentence from the Judge. This has added another aspect of realism to it. We have decided to not introduce a lawyer role, however, players are free to roleplay as a lawyer in the courts if given permission by the defendant.

Once the defendant has been found guilty, the Judge will then allocate a suitable prison time. The officer will walk the criminal to their cell and lock them in. They will then set a timer that will automatically open the cell door so the prisoner can walk free. We've introduced this system to add that better aspect of realism.

Police officers can go undercover by using the new disguise feature. They will be able to change their clothes and their nickname in order to deceive potential criminals.

Once a player has died, their corpse will remain in the position they died unless dragged away or cleaned up. This allows for police officers to understand the cause of death and can refer back to CCTV if there is footage available. The corpse bodies also often read the cause of death, e.g. "MrNockz - Died from falling" or "MrNockz - Died from bullet wounds". This allows for Police Officers to conduct detective research.

Police Officers have access to police equipment such as cones and do-not-cross tape.

Police Officers are able to communicate using a built-in radio device.

Nvus Roleplay has a very advanced 911 system that rewards Police for showing up when required and allows citizens in trouble to specify exactly what they need in a prompt manner.

Advanced Gangs

We have introduced a real gang system that will force players with little cash to join one of these gangs in order to earn money if they do not have the skills or talent to fulfill any other role. Players can join or create their own gang and capture turfs to earn rewards.

Administration & User Ranks

The ranks you'll see admins use are:
  • C.E.O - Chief Executive Officer (never2nv)
  • H.O.S - Head of Service (MrNockz)
  • G.S.M - Game Server Manager (Sn33ky)
  • G.S.O - Game Server Operator (Admins)

The ranks you'll see users use are:
  • User - Standard Users
  • VIP - Players who have donated to help support the community.


As you would have hopefully worked out by this point, this is a very great server that allows the users to create their own unique experience exactly how they envision. We want to give users that exciting feeling they had when they first played DarkRP. Our server is one of the best.

Happy Gaming !
- Lewis
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