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- FNG NATION: Nvus Roleplay Server Announcement -
Last updated: 05/06/2018
SERVER NAME: [EU] ♣ [FNG] Nvus Roleplay ♣ | LawlessRP | InstantDL | NEW

GAMEMODE: Modified darkRP
MAP NAME: rp_downtown_tits
Server Rules: Click here
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FNG Nation

Welcome to our first official GMOD server since the rebranding of FNG Nation. We've decided to go all out, we've created the experience DarkRP and loyal members of FNG Nation have been desperate for in a last-ditch attempt to save the darkRP Gamemode. We would like to formally invite all of our new and existing members to come and join us in testing our wonderful server. All the content you need is listed above.

What's the server?

Nvus Roleplay is a darkRP server with a twist. We've created an original gameplay experience based on the fundamentals of real-world scenarios and heavy-duty roleplay. But what does that mean? We've tried to keep the server accurate to real life by enhancing the player experience to suit their own individual criteria.

What's there to do?

Players will, for the first time, have the ability to choose which type of role they would like to play. The player can choose to play a law-abiding life, which is most preferred for the roleplayer, or a life of crime and which will be heavily focused on the impacts of gang-related activities. Players can play a variety of roles to which enhances their gameplay experience. The criminals can rob banks, capture turfs, and control large sectors of the map. The law-abiding citizens, for the first time, have a real chance at roleplay by playing as roles such as Bartender, Radio DJ, CCTV Operator and Crown Court Judge.

What's the end game?

There is a vast range of endgame targets for each player to try and reach. Ultimately, Nvus City is dominated by capitalism so the key goal is to become rich and successful whatever path the player chooses. The more cash the player has, the better the content they can purchase to enhance their chances of success within Nvus City. With cash opens new doors for the player.

How do players make money?

The way the player makes money is all dependent on what type of path they choose to play. Criminals are rewarded for controlling turfs, robbing banks and generally being a nuisance to society. Each turf has its own unique way of making money, the industrial turf allows the player to mine for ores, the suburban turf allows players to grow plants, the beach turf allows players to fish and the projects turf allows players to chop down trees and turn them into sawdust for that good cash. Of course, you don't have to be in a gang to do any of these activities, but that doesn't mean the turf owner will try to stop you or make you pay the toll.

The money printing system is a new concept. The only way for a player to get a money printer is to rob the bank. There is only one money printer in Nvus City, but the payout is good! This will stop players sitting in bases with tens of money printers, bored. Players will now have to defend the printer with their lives from envious players.

If the player chooses to take the law-abiding citizen route, they can earn money by working for state-owned corporations such as; The Bar, The Radio, The Bank, Law Enforcement, and Nvus Hospital. Each job will reward the player with significantly more cash per-payday as oppose to their unemployed role as a citizen. We've added a custom script that disallows players to leave their place of employment while working. This is to stop cheating the system for extra cash. Players are rewarded for roleplaying and partaking in their jobs unique activities. Players choosing to play as a law-abiding role will benefit from XP and cash bonuses every few minutes.

What can players spend their money on?

There is a variety of ways players can spend their hard-earned cash, such as buying the best weapons, creating a business and employing workers, bettering their gang, accessories for your character and many more. VIP, once released, can be obtained with in-game cash too.

What custom features does this server use and why?

The development team is forever looking for ways to better the player experience with the assistance of employing custom scripts to enhance the gameplay. So far, the custom scripts we use are:
  • Cell timer - This allows police to place criminals in jail and set a time for the cell door to be released automatically so the police officer does not have to return
  • Inventory Locker - We have created a script that disables the use of the inventory while within a jail cell
  • Job Kickout - When a player leaves the building to which they are employed to, they will automatically be kicked from their job
  • Key Binds - We have employed the use of the F1, F4, F6, F7 and F8 keys that open different menus
  • F4 Information - We have removed the typical F4 menu and have replaced it with an information board
  • NLR? - We have a unique system that respawns players in the hospital and restricts their access to the city until a certain time is up. Players don't die, they just go unconscious and visit the hospital
  • RP name and look - (planned script) This allows players to select a roleplay name and character model for the first time launching the server
What existing addons does this server use and why?

Why create custom scripts when there are already really good existing scripts? Here is a list of what we use:
  • 2D/3D Textscreens - Essential to any darkRP server, allows the player to write text in-game as an entity
  • Unisec Keypads and fading doors - This tool allows players to crack fading doors more realistically
  • Precision Tool - Essential to any darkRP server, allows players to arrange props more specifically
  • Advanced Mining - Allows for us to integrate a mining feature into a turf
  • Icarus Tier - XP System for leveling on each job, the more you work, for the more you earn
  • Atlas Chat - A chat addon that fits perfectly into our color scheme
  • Bount Hunter - There is no hitman role, any citizen can claim a bounty on someone's head
  • CCTV System - Nvus City uses the CCTV system for police to keep an eye on the citizens to ensure their safety. The CCTV Operator role controls the surveillance monitors
  • Wandering Civs - Imagine GTA V without NPC's wandering the streets, how boring would that be? We believe darkRP should be the same. Players can mug and murder NPC civilians
  • Handcuffs - Police Officers have to arrest criminals with handcuffs and walk them to the prison instead of hitting them with an arrest baton
  • Stungun - Level 2 Police officers have access to the stun gun to help catch criminals
  • Deceive - Players can buy a special briefcase from the black market dealer to assist in impersonation. Police can use it to go undercover
  • dHeists - A very good and detailed payday bank robbery system to assist in vault heists
  • In-game Download - This addon allows players to get in to the server much quicker by downloading the content while playing
  • Weapon HUD - A weapon heads-up display that lets us categorize which weapons, tools, and utilities go where in the weapon-cycle menu
  • Employer NPC - We have removed jobs from the F4 Menu, players now have to explore the map to find new employment opportunities
  • Advanced Sawmill - Allows for us to integrate the wood-cutting feature into a turf
  • Enhanced Death - This fits perfectly into our policing system as a corpse will remain in the position the player was knocked unconscious so that police can investigate the cause of death
  • Enhanced Government - A great little feature to allow the Mayor the chance to modify the tax rates
  • FA:S weapons - We have employed the services of a few FA:S weapons as our primary choice of firearms
  • Tier Printer - This printer looks great and is used as our primary money generating printer which can be stolen from Nvus Bank
  • Itemstore - The perfect inventory system that allows players to store their personal belongings
  • Itemstore shops - We have removed purchasing of goods from the F4 Menu and instead of us NPC shops that can be found on the map
  • Leysexyerrors - This addon removes the hideous red ERROR signs on mixing entities and replaces them with a much calmer texture
  • M9k fists - Players spawn with fists so that they can choose to fight instead of gunning other players down
  • MaterialHUD - A brilliant heads-up display that fits perfectly into our color scheme
  • mGangs2 - Gangs are one of the main features of Nvus Roleplay and no better addon than mGangs2 to assist in the gameplay
  • Morpheus escape - A very nice escape screen that allows us to showcase rules, commands and out of character news
  • Permaprops - Essential to any darkRP server and allows us to enhance the world
  • Police Radio - A very simple radio system that allows Police officers to communicate when out of typical voice-chat range
  • Radio&Microphone - This is used by our RadioDJ role to broadcast music and chatter throughout Nvus City
  • Raidhook - A grappling hook that can enhance the experience of the bounty hunters
  • Discord Relay - This addon allows players to communicate with players in-game through discord and vice-versa
  • SH Accessories - This allows players to purchase accessories from the NPC vendor to enhance their character's appearance
  • SH Reports - A simple reporting tool so that admins can be more useful in the server
  • SH Rewards - A nice reward system that allows players the chance to earn extra in-game cash
  • Sierra - Modern-looking crash screen, essential to any darkRP server
  • Smart Prop Control - Detects crashes that may be caused by props and assists with placement of props
  • Stacker Tool - Essential to any darkRP server, allows players to build props more accurately and quickly
  • Fishing - Allows for us to integrate a fishing feature into a turf
  • uElections - The perfect addon that allows players to run for election for different roles
  • Ulx - Essential to any darkRP server, allows admins to use an in-game menu to modify server things
  • Ulxfreeze - Allows admins to physgun and freeze players in real time
  • Stormfox - Allows for us to use a creative weather, day and night system
  • Sitanywhere - Players can sit anywhere they like using alt + e
  • Taclean - Added so that players can lean around walls only revealing the upper part of their torso and head
  • Police Tape - Police tape that is used to enhance the police officer role
  • Fire Extinguisher - Players can use this entity to put out fires around the city
  • /roll - This addon allows players to use the /roll command, perfect for roleplay situations
  • Skateboards - VIP players can skate around the map
  • Media Player - Players can play videos and music through the media player screens
  • Auto Cleaning Decals - The server regularly automatically removes decals from the map to keep the server clean
  • More Materials - Essential for any darkRP server, a wider option of materials a player can choose from
  • Gmod Legs - Look down! There are your legs! Essential for any darkRP server

This looks like a huge list now that I've written them down... best stick this at the end of the thread.


We would love it if you would like to come to check out our server, if you have any questions or suggestions at all, please use the appropriate forums within the Nvus Roleplay category. Thank you all and Happy Gaming!

- Lewis
Head of Service
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