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Last updated: 17/04/2018
Please note: As the server grows and we learn more about our community prices and features are subject to change.
FNG Nation

First of all, I just want to thank all of our current sponsors. You guys are really helping to promote a cohesive and professional gaming community with your contributions. We have decided to provide the community with website ranks as an incentive to continue producing the great content and friendly environment you guys are working so hard to create! We hope you are all enjoying the website as much as we are. FNG Nation prides itself on providing the community with the best software and the best servers to assist the virtual experience for our wonderful community. We have all invested a lot of resources and energy introducing this modern community experience, there is a huge list of special thanks that I owe and it'd be impossible to remain under the character limit publically announcing those generous people!

We have decided to introduce these paid ranks to help cover a minor fraction of the costs we have generated. I do not want anyone reading this or considering donating to feel like we're passing the extensive costs to the users in order to line our own pockets. We do not agree with that. We, as a senior team, decided it would be best to offer these ranks to players at a small cost with no special perks. We do not agree with pay to win or pay for features on our website. Users who donate to these ranks are strictly doing it to assist in the upkeep costs and fully understand there are no real perks in exchange for the monies.

As an incentive to users, every month we will host some sort of community event and give away some donator ranks :)

Users who pay for the following ranks understand it is purely to benefit the servers upkeep costs and expect no real perks or features to be exchanged for the monies.

The Ranks

FNG Donor
This rank is aimed at those who want to help but don't agree with the prices of the other ranks. There are not many special perks that come with this rank other than outlined below. Please note: Any donation less than £1 goes straight into PayPals' wallet and we can't do anything to retrieve that.

Price: £5 for permanent rank.
  1. The user will be rewarded with the following tag under their username: 1524002676009.png
  2. The user will have access to donator forums and threads.
  3. The user will have access to discord donator channels.

FNG Sponsor
The FNG Sponsor is someone who does not necessarily want anything other than to support the server and show appreciation to the teams' commitment and hard work.

Price: £10 monthly membership fee.
  1. The user with this rank will be rewarded with the following tag under their username: 1524000549788.png
  2. The user will have access to special doner rank forums within the website.
  3. The user can now have more signature style options. This includes all types of media.
  4. The user will be invited to senior-staff conferences hosted on discord where they can join in the discussion to learn more about FNG Nation and it's future plans before any official announcement is made.
  5. The user will receive important notifications before normal users.

This FNG rank is aimed at the users who want to be recognized as genuinely important people throughout the whole FNG Network. This rank will have a whole range of benefits both within the website and game servers.

Price: £25 monthly membership fee.
  1. The user will be rewarded with the following tag under their username: 1524348058964.png
  2. This rank will give you access to all features across all networks, all donator perks etc.

GMOD: Nvus Roleplay VIP
There are many cool features and packages on our GMOD servers. Check them out here.


Thank you for reading, again, these website donor ranks are not forced on our users, they only exist to help support the upkeep costs of the forum. This level of quality is expensive but I do not want our community to feel like we are forcing them to pay for the upkeep costs. No, the FNG senior team pay for the costs, these ranks are our appreciation token rewarded to those who support us. I just want to say a huge thank you for everyone who has supported us thus far, not just by donating but by helping promote the website and community every chance you get! We can't grow without a playerbase so we do always request referring new users to the website.

You can purchase the ranks by PMing MrNockz or hitting that donate button on the footer of the website.

Happy Gaming !
- Lewis


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